Sunday, September 29, 2013

DIY Delight: A Binoculars Vase

On nearly every jaunt to the flea market, I find an old pair of binoculars or field glasses. And how can I not be enchanted by them? Were they used on the field of battle? Aboard a ship? By children glancing into the great unknown? By a peeping Tom?... Most often the binoculars are a bit banged up, cracked, missing lenses..etc. I've taken to re-purposing these portals to far-away places by adding feathers, flowers, stems, and even here a vintage lion-shaped decanter spout. If you are lucky enough to find a set (like this one) with screw-top eye lenses, they can easily be fitted with your favorite finds. Most are even wide enough to support a small test tube if you'd like to use the binoculars as a bud vase. 



  1. That's sound cool vase and look like a binoculars. I'm quite sure that here provided idea of in such vase will be admired by all and I hope that everyone like it. Thanks :)