Monday, September 30, 2013

Photo Journey: That time I photographed a ghost in Prague

A few years back, whilst completing our Masters degrees in England, my friend Mollie and I took a jaunt through Eastern Europe for Spring Break. We stopped in Berlin, Krakow & Prague. I was taking photos with a wonky Lomo camera - figuring I'd capture Eastern Europe with a camera from Eastern Europe. Upon arriving back in London, and getting my photos back from Snappy Snaps...I spied something utterly creepy in one of my photos - A GHOST!!!!! I convinced myself that my Lomo had truly captured a ghost or ghoul. The ghost photo came just after a series of photos I took at Prague's Old Jewish Cemetery where the tombs are layered upon one another (sometimes up to 12 graves in one plot).  Perhaps this crowded situation caused the souls entombed within to feel somewhat claustrophobic. Maybe one had escaped.  And I had the photographic proof...

Tombstones - Old Jewish Cemetery - Prague
Crumbling tombstones - Old Jewish Cemetery - Prague
The Prague "Ghost"

I called Mollie when I got the photos back. She was also convinced I captured a ghost. I showed my flatmates. They were hard-pressed to explain the image... Did I really capture a ghost? It took months of frightened thoughts before I realized that the photo was one of the hundreds of handmade puppets in the market stalls of Prague. When I was young, we had a "kitchen witch" in our kitchen and seeing a similar witch puppet, I took a quick picture. It was the only puppet photo I took. And even though I finally figured out what I had captured, it still freaks me out. Have you ever taken a mystery photo? Any spooky tales to tell?...

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