Thursday, June 9, 2011

Carnival Season

Summer is here in all of its sweltering glory...time for some water ice, ice cream, fruit salad...or my new favorite: watermelon juice. It's also the season of the carnival! Side shows! Ring toss games! Freshly popped popcorn! Organ music! Roller Coasters! Goldfish in tiny glass bowls dodging ping-pong balls thrown by eager seven-year-olds! Unfortunately whenever I win a prize at one of these events I always feel a bit cheated. The prizes are flimsy (even the goldfish seem a bit sickly) and not so memorable. Perhaps that's why I've been delighting in antique carnival and state fair are a few examples I've recently added to the shop...

                                a hot time on the banks of the wabash

see you at the carnival! save me some pink cotton candy!

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